• Pieternel:

  • Has been established in 1991 by Ellis en Jaap Vogel.
    Pieternel sells and purchases antique dollhouses, antique dollhouse furniture, antique dollhouse miniatures/accessories, antique dolls,
    antique toys and interesting collector items.
    All our objects are dated between 1880 and 1960.

  • Address:

  • Ordering and Payments:

  • Purchase conditions:
  • Pieternel, H Valkenburgstraat 3, 7412 JH Deventer, Netherlands
    Tel: 0031(0)570617664
    Email: info@pieternel.nl

    At the moment we can only receive visitors on appointment.

  • If you wish to order please send an email to Pieternel and we will provide you an invoice containing the purchase money, including shipping costs.
    Payment procedures are: by way of Paypal, by deposite-transfer to our bank account and cash money by registered post.

  • We take great care to provide good and accurate pictures and information about our antique toys, connected items and the quality state they are in. We are also prepared if necessary, when a customer is seriously interested in one or more of our items, to provide additional information and pictures. Because of this extensive carefulness a customer at Pieternel' s is well informed and fully aware of the state of an item before purchasing it. Therefore it is not possible to return pruducts after payment, nor does Pieternel restitute on the purchase money, unless this has explicitly been certified otherwise.
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